Bug Bounty Hunting Tools setup in Alpine Linux in a Docker!

Bug Bounty Hunting Tools set up in Alpine Linux!

Link to GitHub repo: https://github.com/abhizer/alpine_linux_bbht

I was working with an Ubuntu docker but then decided to switch to Alpine because its light weight and minimal. And, just wanted to share this with you guys!

For this, you will need to Download and Install Docker Desktop.

Once you are done with that:

Pull the image:
docker pull alpine

Run it:
docker run -it alpine

Nice, once you know that it works, exit the shell.

List all docker containers:
docker container ls -a

Note the first 3 letters of your container id and then run the following command:
docker container start <id> && docker container attach <id>

You should be inside the shell now.

Clone this repo and then:

chmod +x install.sh


You should be good to go!

Feel free to leave a feedback and expand on this!